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Maheen Khan expresses disappointment at LSA 2019 nominations!

Maheen Khan, one of the biggest names of Pakistan’s fashion industry, has come forward expressing her disappointment in the Lux Style Awards 2019 nominations.

73-year-old Pakistani fashionista, in a series of tweets, shared a comprehensive account of her disappointment about the recent nominations of upcoming awards.

Maheen wrote, “About the controversy surrounding Lux Style Awards. I have never understood and never will, what the benchmarks are for nominations. My personal concern is about the fashion category, a subject I know well, be it bridal, couture, Pret, models, or photography, [sic]”

“I cannot speak across the board but certainly in most cases, the criteria 4 Fashion seems to be those houses who have multiple stores, for models and photographers those who r already well known and popular. I would like to see the committee look behind the familiar curtain.at the talent that is already there, but unrewarded. [sic],” she added further.

She continued saying, “Credence should be given4talent whether they are commercially successful or not. Let it be known I have always supported LSA always will as itis a valuable platform. Please make LSA worthy of a standard that we can all look up to. [sic].”

In her last tweet, while addressing LSA, Maheen asked them to uplift their standards by which the awards are handed out on the basis of merit while asking them who the jurors are who created this fiasco: “Please make LSA worthy of a standard that we can all look up to. I would also appreciate some transparency in the process. A list of the Jurors and judges and their credentials maybe? [sic]”.

Maheen Khan has been associated with the field since 1972. The famed Pakistani fashion designer has a couture label and Gulabo, a high street label inspired by truck art, 1989 an embroidery house for theatre and film in Europe.

She is not the first person to indicate at the LSA nomination controversy, LSA 2019 row further intensifies as Maheen Khan joins the list of A-listers standing against it.

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