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Mini Travel Guide to Turkey

Turkey, a must go place to travel for a vacation overflows with historical sites and cultural archaeological places and wonders. The country is well known for sheer diversity and its beauty, landscapes, valleys and ranges are hard to beat. The historical sites and others to visit are well-preserved and it surely made this place one of the top ranked travelling destinations.

It is said that its capital, Instanbul beats the heart of the nation. And this can’t be proven wrong. Here is a mini travel guide to Turkey because in a place with so many interesting places and sights it can be difficult to know where to start from!

  1. Cappadocia

Cappadocia captures surreal scenery and offers adventurous activities. This place is a rocky wonderland created because of wind and water erosion. The legacy includes the wealth of ancient caves and hideaways too and the place is just worth the visit. Moreover, recommended activities specifically for Cappadocia include hot air balloon rides and Hamam, a massage service in Turkish bath.

  1. The Hagia- Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia location is in the heart of Sultanahmet. The museum is richly and artisticalley built and decorated and it also must have one of the most turbulent histories of any museum in the world. The place has other remarkable places to visit including the Hagia Sophia Church and the Mosque which marks the cultural diversity.

  1. Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace

Historic sites such as the Blue Mosque and Topkapı Palace are vivid reminders of the city‘s long run of glory, while bazaars and ancient Turkish Baths also offer a window into the past.

  1. Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is a narrow, natural strait and an internationally significant waterway located in northwestern Turkey. The strait connects the Black Sea to the sea of Marmara and has three suspension bridges. The most recommended activity here is sunset cruising and boat sight-seeing packed up with Dinner cruise and a Night show.

  1. Tour the Princes Island

A 90-minute ferry ride from Istanbul brings you to Buyukada, largest of small islands collectively known as the Princes’ Islands. For centuries, these were places of exile but now, tourists visit to enjoy the serenity of the leafy, traffic-free lanes.

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