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The minimalist guide to achieving a rosy no makeup look

The lesser the better!

Rather than layering your face with loads of makeup products why don’t you try a rosy, no makeup look that keeps your face fresh and beautiful.

Check in with our guide to the best products for beauty minimalists.

Save the hassle of carrying loose powders and concealors. All you need is a pump of this foundation that covers and conceals all your blemishes giving you flawless skin.

Use one of these mascaras to fake those falsie lashes, and watch how your lashes transform.

We can’t leave out contouring can we? If you want a defined jawline and a chiseled face like the Kardashians try out this 2-in-1 contour stick which is easy to use and gives a smooth finish rather than a powdery one.

Although highlighter is everything but what if you get something that not only fulfills the need of a highlighter but is also a blush. Try out this blush to give your cheeks that rosy blush with a minimal amount of shimmer to define those cheek bones.

Your brows make or break your look, so don’t undermine their existence and try this drug store eyebrow pencil.

Instead of the mattes try out a tint that has a pink or red tone to it. To acheive a rosy look the more natural the lips the softer your face will look.

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