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Monsoon in Sindh floods Karachi- K-Electric keeps us updated!

During his Eid-ul-Adha season Karachi floods up due to unstoppable thunder as rain continues to pour. Streets of Karachi drown due to heavy overnight rainfall for two consecutive days and to top it off the forecast done by Pakistan Meteorological Department predicts extreme rainfall to continue till Monday while the Karachiites face major difficulties to prep themselves up for Eid.

There has been an electric shut down and power suspension in the major areas of Karachi as a safety measure initiated by K-Electric to avoid any sort of hazards to follow further. In a life threatening situation, make sure to follow the precautions to avoid any sort of circumstances and be a helping hand for others too. In areas where water can be seen accumulating and where rain has badly affected the roads it seems likely that drainage system of the city won’t be of any help as the drains seem to be choked.

It is advised to take extra precautions on Monday during the time of sacrifice too. We already are aware that due to poor sewerage system the water and the blood of sacrificial will remain stagnant; blocking the way on the roads for weeks so here is what you must follow as citizens to avoid such situations:

  1. Keep your children and family members away from sockets or power lines to avoid electrocution.
  2. Avoid standing near electric poles, billboards during the rainy weather.
  3. Do not touch any electric appliance barefoot.
  4. Take care of animals and provide them proper space for shelter.
  5. Help those in need and arrange a shelter for them too. Take it as a citizen’s responsibility.
  6. Sacrifice animals on a dry surface or garden where the blood absorbs quickly and avoid draining it on roads flooded already.
  7. Avoid contaminating the streets more and discharge the animal waste using plastic bags and keep it at your homes until the garbage vans arrive to collect it.
  8. Do not leave your homes with bikes or cars if it is not necessary, to avoid accidents.
  9. Keep first aid handy.

Rainwater has flooded the low lying regions, men electrocuted to death in the city. Knee- deep water has flooded the road of Korangi causing serious damage to Causeway bridge too. However K-Electric has now taken charge to urge people to follow the necessary precautionary measure to avoid any damage. KE is approaching local administration, provincial and federal government bodies for coordinated efforts to cope with the challenges KE encounter during and after rain to ensure reliable and safe supply of electricity as well as swift restoration efforts.

For extra precautions and in the case of any emergency, approach the following:

Mr. Waheed (Chief Operator of Disaster control)    03332697485

KWSB Rain Emergency Cell :   02199245138, 02199245139, 02199245140

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