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My World full of Pets!

It’s a blessing coming home safe but it’s a greater blessing when you are welcomed with great affection, warmth and friendliness. No matter how rich or how big your family is it will never define happiness unless you have someone who loves you and is waiting for you to come home so they can spend time with you and enjoy being around you, that is true happiness.


Having a pet is the best thing in the world! While I say this, it clearly shows how my life revolves around pets and how affectionate I am when I see a dog or a cat around. I am a dog and a cat lover both; you’ll be sure about this when you read along and see the pictures attached!!

If we talk about stats, then there are around 68% of people who have pets in their house. I personally have 2 and trust me whenever I feel anxious or depressed only looking at them vanishes away my worries!

Exactly how the quote says, dogs make your life complete.  Coming back from work and entering my home, while my cat and dog both run towards me and makes my worries vanish. They never let me cry because as soon as they see tears dropping down, they will either lick my whole face off or my cat will just leap into arms and starts cuddling.

Not just that, have you ever seen these cute creatures doing things which make them even cuter? Like doing silly things, mine definitely does! If I’m in a bad mood, my puppy will go curl up on my favorite things and starts to ruin them just to grab my attention.

My pets have like a millions toys, but guess what’s their favorite toy? My shoe and my socks… they’re going to chew on to them no matter how many toys I get them, but no matter what they do and no matter how annoying they get at times my love will always keep increasing and they never fail to bring a smile on my face!!

However, all these little gestures they do to bring a smile on my face literally turn my day into one of the best and it releases all kinds of stress from my brain helping me stay stable and emotionally plus physically very active and cheerful always.

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