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Naimal Khawar shares her glow skin secret with everyone

Naimal Khawar is an epitome of natural beauty as we all know. The young actress has become more popular and loved by the fans because of her looks and rosy skin.

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Naimal is always seen in natural makeup or no-makeup look and she pulls it off very elegantly. Even in her wedding she didn’t focus on heavy and extravagant makeup looks and kept everything very elegant and subtle. Recently, the actress has shared her skincare routine and a few tips for the girls to follow.

Let us see what keeps the beautiful actress Naimal, always fresh and beautiful.


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She starts off her list by prioritizing to stay hydrated and gives importance more on drinking water. She moves further by explaining all the advantages of following this major step. Moreover, she prefers avoiding caffeine too because she feels it dries out the skin.

She goes along with some basic steps of moisturizing and gives a tip to invest in a good makeup remover and moisturizing products.

Recently upon many requests by the fans, she revealed her go-to lip shade which was actually a lip balm by the body shop.

So these were all the hidden secrets of Naimal Khawar’s everyday glowy look and some basic skincare tips.

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