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New Norm: Slide Sandals with Socks

By: Bilal Chaudhry

Weirdly intriguing, Wearing socks with sandals was, in the not-so-distant past but wearing them now is, officially, a look. Bieber is the king of pairing socks with sandals, and other celebrities like David Beckham, Rihanna and many more.

But our interest is a bit narrower, here. Can you rock the socks-and-sandals look? And more importantly: should you?

Spring 2018 runways, from John Elliott to Prada, we’re comfortable calling socks-and-sandals a definite trend. But one that should only be tried out in very specific, very casual situations—basically any place where dressing like the Justin Bibber is deemed appropriate.

A few basic rules: you really shouldn’t wear socks and sandals to the office or to a restaurant that isn’t a truck. However, here are a few places that we’ll sign off on: in the airport. After playing sports or going to the gym. And in your own backyard, go wild.


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