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Priyanka Chopra opens up on beauty standards and what it takes to be a woman

Priyanka Chopra opened up on beauty standards and what it takes to be a woman in this world as she recently appears on the digital cover of Allure magazine. Going back in days, Priyanka talked about how competing in a pageant was not what she wanted, she wanted to be an engineer. It was her mother who had sent her pictures to the Miss India pageant committee.

She said, “It’s wrong that women are made to believe that it’s okay to be objectified in order to succeed.” And it’s not only pageants but being a woman itself in the entertainment industry comes with its own set of obligations.

Priyanka admitted that she enjoys taking care of herself and looking good for herself, and that women should not be judged for doing so “As women we don’t prioritise ourselves enough. I’m not saying become vain and narcissistic but sometimes, you just need a moment.”

“We see women of all sizes and colour, modelling, acting and using their strength to reach a goal. However, it’s the mindset of society that needs to change. People need to realise that a plus-size or a woman of colour should not be a ‘check in the box’.” She said that the world must see beauty differently.

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