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The reason why Bella Hadid doesnt wear RED lipstick!
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The reason why Bella Hadid doesn’t wear RED lipstick!

The super model Bella Hadid who is the new face of famous cosmetic brand, recently opened up about her looks and makeup regime.

She always keep her look natural and subtle whether its roaming around with her boyfriend or on the red carpet, but we never came across the reason.

The reason why Bella Hadid doesnt wear RED lipstick!

In her recent interview with Elle, she said:

“There’s girls like you that can rock a red lip and kill it (I can’t) so when I go out I would rather be natural so that nothing can smear, I can’t mess it up. It’s a lot of makeup and changing so my skin looks really bad.”

So all the ladies, you can rock it by being simple as well, just like Bella Hadid does!

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