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Style Guide: 7 Tips on how to wear a BASIC TEE in a more stylish way!

Every woman has at least three basic tees floating around in the back of her closet. Whether you wear them to the gym, on errands, to sleep, or wherever else your daily life might take you, trusty T-shirts have your back. Sadly, these basic tees are often bashed by fashion lovers for being boring or looking sloppy.

The fact of the matter is, basic tees are extremely simple pieces. They don’t necessarily turn heads on the street by themselves. But that’s the beauty of a basic tee. It doesn’t make much of a statement on its own, so it can become anything you want. There are countless ways to transform versatile basic tees to make them an integral part of a wide variety of gorgeous looks that are anything but boring.

1. Add Statement Jewelry

2. Go Over-sized

3. Dress Up With Shoe

4. Go With Ripped Jeans

5. Professionalize It

6. Wear a Jacket

7. Pair it With a Skirt



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