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Sunglasses for every face shape

To find your perfect shade is one difficult job, not all shapes look good on every ones face. So we gathered all the perfect shapes that look good on every face cut.

From round to square these are the sunglasses for every face shape:

Rectangular Ray-Ban: 

Perfect for round face but compliments all face shapes and looks good on everyone.

Egg-shaped lenses:

These egg shaped lenses are so in trend and looks absolutely perfect on every shape.

Round Retro Oversized Sunglasses:

With retro vibe these shades are perfect for square face but suits every other shape and never goes out of fashion.

Geometric frame Sunglasses:

Trending frame of the year, with vintage vibes perfect for every shape.

Cat Eye Sunglasses:

This shapes never gets out of trend, from old 80s till now perfect for every shape.


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