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Syeda Amera to showcase at Paris Fashion Week 2019

Syeda Amera, a fashion designer who made her mark on international platforms, has now shown immense success due to her fantastic touch of creativity and style in her latest Bridal/Formal Collection and she is all geared up for another spectacular showcase in Paris in March 2019. The Bridal Collection ‘19 by Syeda Amera radiates style and significance in her approach to merge eastern values with modern ones. One of a kind, beautifully crafted bridals designed by Syeda Amera have set her aside not only in Pakistan but also in Paris, Sydney, New York, Spain and Hong Kong. Her collection redefines ethnicity in the most elegant way. Gear up the level of style and glamour on your wedding with Syeda Amera’s Bridal Collection.

On 4th March 2019 she will showcase her grand collection at Paris Fashion Week 2019, which will be held at the most exceptional ballroom venue at The Intercontinental Le Grand, Paris. The hotel is the essence of Paris and the ballroom provides breathtaking volume with its high cupola and succession of mirrors, all sparkling in the glow of a majestic crystal chandelier. Unique in every way, this ballroom is considered to be one of the most beautiful venues in Paris!

Hosted by the British company OFS-Oxford Fashion Studio, Syeda Amera is the only designer from Pakistan officially invited to showcase her exclusive collection at the picturesque venue alongside talents from USA, New Zealand, France, India and Indonesia and make her unique mark on the the global stage.

Syeda Amera previously showcased her innovative designs in a number of history making catwalks in Spain, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, London and Paris, which successfully combined art, architecture, culture, and fashion.

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