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The Art of Letting Go

There comes a time in life when you get too attached to something and letting it go is hard. You fight for it, struggle for it and you become wearisome.

We fight for many things in life, people we love and care about, our career, that one time you embarrassed yourself and it is tough for you just forget it. But hanging onto it is the thing which is hurting you. What we do is we let it get to us and slowly it only harm us, not anyone else.

You have think out of the box. If you will keep believing that this one embarrassment or one failure is your whole world then eventually it will become a place where you will shut yourself in. Remember when the ship sinks and if you keep holding onto it, you will sink with it.

The process of letting go is hard and it brings with it the unhappiness but it is the part your way if you want to let go of that sinking ship and really want to make it to the edge of the ocean.

When you are ready to let go, that brings a lot of questions to your mind. A ‘what-if’ it doesn’t work. What if i do not feel ok after this. So try to make a decision. Ask yourself, that does this failure really defines me? Is that person even worth my time?

What is stopping you from letting go?

There is a crippling fear inside every human being which is what will people say if I let it go, but try to stop it from burdening you. Once you begin and defeat that fear, you will see that there is a brighter side to this, a happy part. People can be genuinely happy for others and not everyone is the same.

Remind yourself that what you are doing takes courage. It is not something to be ashamed of. We clutch onto people and things because we believe that there is nothing good left for us in the world. You have to change that. When you come out of the box, you get new passions, new interests and you see that there are new opportunities.

Grasping onto something out of fear and believing that it will never happen again is a vain attempt.

You lose many opportunities because you are not able to let go. You stay at one place and you do not want to move ahead. You have to look at things the way they actually are. If you have failed that does not mean you cannot get up again. If people have left you that means that they did not want to stay and you have to accept that. You have to do things for your own self. Let go of your self-doubt, mistakes, of your past.

Whatever you are feeling whether it is guilt, sadness, fear. Write it down, Cry, Accept it. Do whatever you need and then finally let it go. You will learn that you are able to do great things. You can move ahead and grow into your better self.

It will take time but eventually you will get there and you will find your freedom.

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