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The Everyday Makeup Hacks

If you are the one who doesn’t like heavy makeup and wants tips for your daily makeup routine. These days’ light and highlighted makeup are very much trendy for young girls. Here are some makeup hacks that every Pakistani girl needs to know for an amazing casual look.

  1. Choosing the right type of eyeliner for your look

For making your eyes look bigger, the liner is the best option. The liner makes your eyes look bigger and shiner. For a different look, you should try liner or Kajal only in the corners of your eyes or on the upper eyelid. For better results, you can apply liner inside your upper eyelid. This will make your eyes look bigger and different from others. Different colourful eyeliners are also trendy these days so for a different funky look you can also go for a white or blue eyeliner.

  1. Use colour corrector with your concealer

For your dark circles and dark areas of your face, you can use a colour corrector before applying the concealer. Generally, a red colour corrector is used for covering dark circles. Red lipstick hack is very famous these days. Apply red lipstick under your eyes before applying concealer. Use a darker shade of concealer. Your concealer should be darker than your skin tone for a better cover-up.



  1. The foundation hack you need to know

Don’t choose a lighter shade foundation for your skin tone. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone. For an amazing makeup look use two shades of foundation. Apply darker one than the lighter one for a fair look. The darker shade or a shade that matches your skin tone will be helpful in face contouring.

  1. Moisturizer or a Primer

Before applying any makeup product, you have to protect your skin. If your skin is dry, try to use a better quality moisturizer before applying foundation. And if you have oily skin use a better quality sweat and oil-controlling primer for an amazing foundation blend. During summers, use sunblock or sunscreen to protect your skin from direct sunlight.


  1. Lip gloss or a lipstick

For a casual look, light lipstick is the best option. The trendy lipstick is matte lipstick shades. Using a lip balm or lip gloss before applying matte lipstick is the best way to protect your lips from dryness. Using a highlighter on your lipstick is a very famous hack for an amazing look. Apply highlighter only in the middle area of your lips.


  1. Love for highlighters

Highlighters are very much these days. You love to apply highlighter for a shiny and brighter look but choosing the best colour of highlighter is a little bit difficult. We will help you with choosing the right highlighter for your skin tone. Silver and copper shades of highlighters are always the right choice for every skin tone. Try to avoid pinkie shades of highlighters for a casual look.

  1. Brown Lipstick Hack

If you don’t like brown lipstick for your lips, don’t worry you can use it as your contour. Contouring is an art and simple contouring hacks can make you an artist. Use brown lipstick on your jawline and the parts of your face you want to contour then blend it well. An amazing makeup look for your daily routine is done.

So, all these hacks are very useful for your daily makeup look. The amazing thing of all these hacks is that these are less time consuming and gives you amazing results for a lighter makeup look.




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