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The Power of a Compliment

“You look great!” “Wow, you did it so well” “I like what you are wearing” — Can you imagine what impact these simple words of yours can have on the other person?

Stop for a moment, close your eyes and think about the last time someone said something pleasing to you. Recall that moment and feel! — Irrespective of who said those kind words, it likely inspired some positive shift in your mood and an addition to your internal happiness. You loved the idea of being SEEN, being HEARD and being ACCEPTED. Indeed it’s a beautiful feeling and it’s very important to mention that we all have this capacity to inspire these beautiful feelings in others too.

Being too much occupied in the chaos of life, we have literally forgotten the act of praising others. And thus we ignore the power of a simple compliment, totally unaware of its incredible impact on others. Just like us, people love when they feel appreciated. So pay attention to the people around you and express your gratitude, your appreciation, your care — out loud. You never know whose day you just brightened up!

In this turmoil of everyday life, we tend to think about ourselves only; we have become more self-centered than being other-centered. But the least you can do for others is to make their day with simple words. Indeed nice words are a catalyst to a positive life. See the change in their expression when you extend a compliment to someone, and we can certainly say that you made their day!

If one of your colleagues has given a good presentation, telling a few kind words won’t cost you anything but it will make his day all brighten up. Maybe that guy stayed up all night to prepare it and your simple compliment is all what he needed!
The girl you sit with, maybe she woke up 20 mins in advance today just to put on some makeup. Telling her that she looks pretty, can surely make her face all glowed up!

The crux of this article is, a single yet a nice compliment can be simple words for you, but huge words for someone else. So don’t forget to give compliments, no matter how big or small they will surely spread happiness and positivity!


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