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Things women with short hair are tired of hearing!

Having short hair can be a blessing and a curse. The cursing part usually comes from the repetitive attention you get regarding the length of your hair. Almost everyone who has short hair, are tired of hearing or answering these things at every stop along the way.


1. “When are you going to grow it out again?”

You: Why are you so much worried as if you have invested in my hair. I haven’t set an expiration date for my short hair.

2. “How could you cut off all of your beautiful hair?!”

You: Like every does. By going to the salon.

3. “Don’t you miss having longer hair?”

You: No. Its not my boyfriend that I have lost it and can’t get back. Relax!!

4. “Wow, you’re so bold.”

You: Stop judging me from just a haircut. Get a life.

5. “You’re so lucky your hair is short.”

You: Lucky? If cutting your hair makes you lucky, then I must be some mystic unicorn with rainbow poo.

6. “You look like [enter stereotypical person with short hair].”

You: If I had a dollar for every time someone said I looked like someone I totally didn’t, just because we both had short hair.



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