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Things you should know about hand sanitizers

We know that COVID-19 spread through droplets. These droplets can be spread from person to person through respiratory droplets, through the hands of the infected persons or through the land surfaces. Educational and all other institutes are now open and working by following the Standard Operating Principles (SOPs).

We have to keep ourselves safe by following the SOPs. These Standard Operating Principles includes wearing masks and keeping your hands sanitized. Water is not available all the time but hand sanitizers can protect you from getting those infected droplets. Hand sanitizer contain 60% alcohol and are effective but not more than washing hands.

If water is available, do prefer washing hands but if it is not than use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers work by killing germs on the hands. The alcohol in the sanitizer helps in reducing number of germs quickly. Do read the chemical composition on the label while buying hand sanitizers and buy an alcohol based sanitizer. Try to put enough amount of hand sanitizer to make your hands germs-free.

Try not to wipe off the sanitizer before it’s dry. Just rub your hands and wait for it to dry. Use the hand sanitizer immediately after coughing or sneezing. After knowing these things about hand sanitizers you can take care of your loved ones and yourself.

Try to read the instructions on hand sanitizer or other safety products for their proper use.

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