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This Pakistani blogger is bashing some Bloggers for misguiding their followers

Local blogger Naiha J. Eiman, with Instagram handle Rebellious Brownie, spoke about fellow social media influencers for lying to their followers about product reviews.

Before going on IG live to document the incident, Naiha first asked her followers whether she should speak about a matter that’s been upsetting her for a few days now. The answer was a resounding ‘yes’.

have a look on it.

“I actually confronted the blogger and she admitted that she was doing the wrong thing but she still decided to take the brand’s side. The product was reviewed without being used.”

Naiha refused to name and shame the blogger in question but said that this video is a message for all other bloggers out there to be more responsible and honest with their followers.

“I care about the followers. Why do you call yourself an influencer if you’re going to lie about using certain products and recommend them to everyone,” especially one which comes with a heavy price tag and may be pricey for followers, she asked fellow bloggers.

“In my eyes that blogger has lost all credibility,” said Naiha. “If you like it after reviewing it, makes sense [to recommend it to your followers]. It upset me seeing that so many people follow you and they’re willing to buy products based on your recommendation and you’re lying to them for a small sum of money. Stop calling yourself an influencer if you’re not going to be honest with your followers. Please take this role seriously otherwise leave this business.”

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