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Tie-Dye fashion trend- 2020

Tie-dye was invented in the US in the 1960s and since then has been dead as a doornail. However, this is back in fashion since Beyonce first wore it on a holiday at the beach. Last season the top-end brands like Prada, Stella McCartney and others turned it into a catwalk trend. Even research shows that tie-dye is the highest searched keyword and it has also been the most favourite DIY during the lockdown.

Tie-dye is slowly taking over the market. You can find this technique for all clothing types; Shirts, Kurtis or even Sarees and you will surely be making a statement.

Recently Hira Mani was seen wearing a beautiful tie-dye saree this Eid and she looks gorgeous and this is the perfect look for this summer!

If you are not a fan of Sarees, there are many more options to choose from. Kaftans are your best bet if you want to be traditional yet fashionable at the same time! Tie-dye plus mirror work on this Kaftan has given it a whole new look!

This can also be utilised during Shaadi season by adding embellishments and pairing it with a long necklace and earrings.

There are also tie-dye shirts in the market which you can wear when dining out with friends or family.


It is quite easy to dress up with tie-dye shirts because they make you look so dressy and tasteful that you do not need to add many accessories to have a complete look!

Not only this you can also make your own Tie-Dye piece at home and give your old clothes a new look. Follow the steps below for a tie-dye Shirt/Kurti at home:

  1. Grab an old white Shirt/Kurti, it doesn’t matter even if it has stains
  2. Pre-wash your shirt to remove any potential oils, dirt or chemicals that may resist the dye
  3. Set up your dye area with plastic sheets or garbage bags. It is better to carry out this activity outdoors!
  4. Swirl the shirt and tie it up with rubber bands as shown in the picture below, this will give you a spiral affect post dye
  5. Prepare the dyes according to the directions on each bottle
  6. Dunk sections of your shirts in different dyes and allow it to dry for about 8 hours or overnight
  7. Wash your shirt, make sure to wash it separately. Now your tie-dye shirt is ready!

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