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Tips to have a male model face – high cheek bones!

The divine blessing of such strong facial bone structure is the reason for the unique and desirable features in every gender. If there’s something you will always find in common among male models is a squared face. The bone structures to include the strong jawline, facial length, high cheekbones, and have to course a very lean face.

There is definitely much other beauty attributes to a model’s face including nice teeth, expressive eyes, etc.

Sounds harder than winning the lottery right? Don’t worry! Even if you don’t have a male model face, there are some tips give you to make your face more runway like.

Hairstyle plays a vital role in giving perfect look to your face for a more squared hairstyle. This will give the illusion of a leaner face kind of like playing with lights and shadows.

“Deniz ve doğa olmazsa olmazlarım”Facial-hairs are the most appealing feature on the man, trim and not shave your facial hair along your jawline and then shave all the hair from your jawline down including Adam’s apple area. This will enhance your jawline and again create a square shape.

Lose some weight, have face yogi exercises – if you are not within your normal in your weight there is a chance you are also accumulating fat around your face so losing weight will definitely make your face leaner.

Take good care of your skin models tend to have a nice soft baby’s butt skin. Wash your face daily and use a good moisturizer







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