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Top 4 colors to wear this summer

Extreme hot weather is here already. Atleast it feels this way, here in Karachi. And it becomes really difficult to follow the fashion trends in the scorching heat. Afterall what matters is comfort. Do you agree?

But you can stay on-trend and look stylish if you wear the right colours. Yes, it is indeed true. Wearing the right colour gives you colour-confidence for this sunny season.

So today, we’re here to share with you top 4 colours, you should be wearing this season. Keep on reading…


No other colour can beat the white coloured, loose fitting clothes because they are the best for promoting the absorption of sweat. As more air passes over your body, you stay cool. Thus, white is always preferable in summer. Dress yourself in a shirt or kurta and rock the colour!

Blush Pink

The softest shade of pink is here to stay for a long while. Blush, blush pink or millennial pink, whatever you like to say, goes with anything in your closet. Girls simply adore this pastel hue. Here are some ways of styling yourself in blush pink this season.


The list remains incomplete without yellow. The happiest and brightest colour though! Put on yellow coloured clothes and boost your mood. Its shade of lemon is the best and gives a softer look when worn in summers.


Blue has a cooling and calming effect as it is associated with water. Blue is certainly a colour we all love to wear. Be it a darker shade of blue or lighter, it evokes a serene feeling. Here’s how you can wear this color!

Well, there you have it! Colours, perfect for this season. Is there any other colour that you think is best for the season? Let us know. More colours, please!

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