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Uplift your lashes and spend no money!

Living in a commercial area with lots of car horns and thousands of people making noise is challenging but you don’t mind as long as you have a pretty pink outlet right in the corner of the street with peach rugs and floral walls giving you a very catchy girly vibe that you can’t stop yourself from entering that place. Oh yes! it’s the brow-lash bar shop which lifts up your lashes for good 10,000 pkr and only lasts for about 2 months.. umm?

Are you up for spending so much on your lashes? I would have but why do I when I have so many options of naturally lifting up my lashes and oh yes, they will also stay for longer (actually forever) without spending thousands.

  • Rub through your eyes with fresh Aloe Vera! 

Aloe Vera is one of that natural plant which has benefits, benefits and benefits only. You apply it’ s gel to literally anything and the results are guaranteed. Many beauticians and beauty bloggers recommend Aloe Vera and mix it up with other oils like grapeseed oil and then rub it through the lashes. Make sure your lashes are soaked in this oil for good 2-3 hours, your lashes will have shine, they will get smooth, soft and also start to grow and give you a nice finished look on your eyes.


  • Soak Your lashes in Castor Oil!

You want to increase your hair growth? GO FOR CASTOR OIL. This suggestion has been revolving around in books and at home since ages, the very famous thick glossy liquid. This oil consists of Vitamin E which helps in nourishing and also protects your lash from breakage. To apply castor oil, you can either mix it up with coconut oil to reduce its thickness or you can apply directly over your lash with a washed mascara wand or a spoolie.

You need to follow either of the step at least till 5-6 months without cheating and the results will be shining right in front of you. No need to go that pretty pink lash bar now!!

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