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WB by Hemani – Natural, Organic and Beautiful
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WB by Hemani – Natural, Organic and Beautiful

There is no shortage of organic brands in the market out there. Every other company claims that the products they are offering are hundred percent natural, based on organic ingredients and raw materials. However, there are very few companies that actually live up to the expectations and hype that they generate through their products. And, this is why WB by Hemani has become a breath of fresh air among all the other related brands out there.

Based on the slogan of Natural, Organic and Beautiful – the brand caters to all natural, herbal, beauty and health related products. The range that it offers include anti-acne creams, aloe vera extracted products, collage and whitening lotions/creams etc. Other than the mentioned specialty care products, WB successfully brings into upfront its range of sports care, skin care, men’s care and hair care.

In the same line of its skin care products, some of its creams have 100% natural, chemical free actives and a wide range of natural men care solution, such as WB Men Care product range includes a refreshing peppermint shampoo, its cream, the beard oil and beard shampoo. It means that a range is catering to all the men beauteous needs and with definitely everything that is worth buying.

However if, till yet, you were expecting that WB has only products rewarding your skin care and beauty regimen, then you were wrong. It looks way forward than your physical nourishment and care. The WB’s separate range also introduces a line of Organic Food that contains Organic Olive Oil, Coffee, Mass Food, Instant Cereals, Rice cakes, and a lot more.

WB by Hemani is definitely a new start to the natural, organic and chemical-free products in Pakistan. The country where people prefer to look towards conventional methods of skin and health care, these ranges will definitely prove to be worth their time and money.

So, all we can expect is that WB is going to become a sigh of relief for all those looking towards shortcuts for their ultimate, 360 degree care, because Hemani Herbal has always stood up to the expectations. What more could vouch for the success of the brand other than that it is a proud manufacturer of more than 1000 products in 60 countries, and has won various awards including Best Brand of the Year, Best Exporter, Best Young Entrepreneur, Best Female Entrepreneur and so on.

For now, WB will be retailing in all majors malls across Lahore and Karachi, however it will be available online all across Pakistan.

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