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What is hair toner, and how often should you use it?

Hair are delicate and need care. If you want to achieve those luscious locks then it takes alot of struggle and care to achieve.

Taking good care of your hair requires patience and time, and most importantly, the right balance of hair products. If we go to salons and get a treatment, it totally changes the texture and condition of our hair and this one product which is know as hair toner is most common among salons.

But what actually is hair toner ? should we use it daily ? or how often ?

As we know hair toner is used for making hair texture and colour look shiny, soft and silky. Basically, a hair toner can be a lot of things. It really depends on what colours you’re using it for. A lot of times when you hear ‘gloss’ people think it’s just shine, and when we hear ‘toner’ we think more colour and pigment, a little harsher chemicals.

When we use the word ‘toner,’ it’s meant to change the tone of the hair from ashy to bold, or bold to ashy. We can use it to darken the hair, lighten the hair.

Toner is not a product, but a technique that means to tone down hair. So, when it comes to a toner, there are many different kinds. There are temporary toners, semi-permanent toners, and permanent toners.

While many of us worry that adding any processing to our hair results in more damage, when you lighten hair or bleach out hair, you’re opening up the cuticles and you’re removing the hair colour molecule so that hair is now open. What the toner will do is fill in those open cuticles with the tone, and that will help keep your hair in better condition.

What happens with hair colour is that you’re putting a molecule into your hair, some people’s hair is not that good at holding onto colour, so it will wash out. So, when we put on a toner to refresh colour it revives the colour that is still there.

We hope now you have much knowledge about toners and what it does to your hair.

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