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What’s in my bag?

It’s really hard for me to understand girls who don’t feel the need to carry a large purse whenever they are heading out. To be honest, I am slightly jealous. My best friend, carries a cute cross body every time, everywhere we go? I mean how?? I have this urge of carrying my entire house with me. Well not exactly, but I am sure some of you girls might be able to relate.

It is definitely a blessing and curse, sometimes it’s really hard to go through your entire bag for that one particular important receipt but sometimes you literally have anything and everything and it might come in handy anytime of the day.

Here are few of things which you’ll definitely find in my bag

  1. A pack of tissue

I mean this would be needed for literally anything, from runny nose to anyone asking for it around you, it helps all.

  1. Hair ties/bobby pins

They just magically disappear or go in the black hole, so I stock up on them in my bag, to make my life easier.

  1. A lipstick

My favorite makeup essential, I mean you have to retouch your lips every hour right?

  1. Mints/gum

A MUST! Personal hygiene first!!

  1. Feminine product

Because you never know!!

You just have to find the perfect bag to fit everything and you’re good to go!

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