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Winter Warms!

We’re not going to lie, winters are all about getting cosy and  snuggle up in your blanket to stay all warm 24/7. Who wants to dress up and go out? Who even wants to wear fancy clothes and get all uncomfortable in the cold just to look good? Not me, definitely.

How about I help you out with a few winter picks which will not only look stylish and classy but also keep you warm at all times. I mean, why shouldn’t we enjoy winters after all?



Off-shoulder Sweater: 

We want warm clothes but we want extreme class in it. Off shoulder sweaters it is, it is not only stylish and classy but also make you look dressed up when you put it on. You can choose a few pastel colours in it and pair it up with a perfect dark shade skinny jeans. Oh, don’t forget to put on your pearls.




Printed Sweatshirts: 

Obviously you can’t wear sweaters and off shoulders every day. Sweatshirts can be worn literally everyday depending on how and what you pair it with plus you can stock up different sweatshirts with you of different prints. You’re good to go, either on a lunch, a day out with your friends or even just to chill out at home.





Fancy scarfs: 

Is it getting on your nerves to get dressed up everyday and you’re tired to keep trying every time? Do you still have to go to work or university everyday and got no other option than to actually go dress up? Wear anything be it simple, and pair it up with a fancy branded or not scarf. Looks classy! Try going all white top to bottom and cover a Gucci scarf around your neck. How does it look? :))





Leather Jackets: 

Lastly, lastly and lastly my most favourite. Leather jackets be it black or brown. Leather jackets are a win, if you don’t have it in your wardrobe already then get it asap! No matter where you’re going, no matter who you’re going with, a leather jacket will make you stand out and give you a class you always wanted in winter clothes. Just make sure you wear a casual top beneath it with a skinny jeans and boots.




You’re all equipped for winters, lovely! Hope you enjoy these winters as much as I enjoyed giving you tips.



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