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We asked people what is the one thing they thought will change after marriage but didnt? Here’s what they said!

When you’re single you want to get married but also getting married is one of the biggest life decisions we make. You never even thought of changes marriage brings into your life. From feelings getting changed to merging finances, there are a lot of things married couples deal with. But is it really like that?

Here is what some married couples had to say:

1. “I married my childhood sweetheart. However, people kept telling me how the definition of love changes. I didn’t feel any less or more committed than I did before I got married.”

2. “I have always been a lazy person and my girlfriend just wouldn’t stop nagging about the same. I thought this habit would change once we’ll be married and she’ll get used to it. My mornings now are not as pleasant I thought it’d be. But I love her whatsoever.”

3. “Friends are important to all of us and they are very important to me as well. I was scared of getting married because I thought I Won’t have time for my friends and will be stuck amidst marriage responsibilities. But even now I make plans with my friends and nothing has changed. My wife is everything to me.”

4. “My husband and I have always been very ambitious. People kept telling us that everything merges into one once you are married, even your money. But, we do ‘tera paisa mera paisa more now.’ In a healthy manner though.”

5. “We were living in together before marriage. People expected us to move to another house but we decided to stay in the same place. We didn’t have make new arrangements. It was familiar and beautiful.”

6. “I thought feelings fade away after marriage and the gestures also come out differently. But my husband still holds my hand in gatherings and the gestures became more beautiful.”

7. “My husband’s attachment to his mother. Turns out, they’ve still got the umbilical cord connecting them.”

8. “I thought my wife will start making morning tea for me after marriage but being a morning person I am the one still doing it. I love it.  No complaints.”

9. “The number of parties we used to do. We have now started doing even more because now we don’t have to ask our parents or lie to them about anything.”

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