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Books being a man’s best friend and the way its so full of colors and words that it paints your world into everything nice and glowy, though its a challenge to complete a book within a short span of time but reading is beneficial for us all in many different ways. Choosing a book to read is a difficult task especially when there are so many choices. We will recommend you some books that must be read by Pakistani girls and even boys:


  1. Daughter of East: Benazir Bhutto

Has to be one of my favorite books out there. This book is an advocacy of human rights and women empowerment. Benazir wrote this book to inform the readers about the abuses that occurred during the era of Zia-ul-Haq.





  1. My Feudal Lord: Tehmina Durrani

This book is a story of Tehmina’s experience with Mustafa Khar, a prominent politician in the regime of Bhutto. Tehmina belonged to a modern family while Khar was a conservative leader. The book indicates that the difference in attitude towards life between couples can because of dangerous results.





  1. The Return of the Butterfly- Moni Mohsin

This story has wonderfully analyzed the events in Pakistani political history and is a must-read for girls as it is from a woman’s perspective.

I won’t spoil much for everyone, lets have a read and then discuss in another blog about our likes and dislikes?

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