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“DEVIL’S VOICE” with Bruno Hoffmann & Anthony Perrin this Halloween | Red Bull

German Street BMX Star Bruno Hoffmann Gets an Early Halloween Shocker at Berlin’s Teufelsberg • Outstanding BMX Action at the Former U.S. Monitoring Station on a Mountain of Rubble

Bruno Hoffmann’s Devil’s Voice: BMX Mystery at Teufelsberg

Munich, October 24, 2017 – It’s sheer horror: a lost radio set lies on the ground in the nocturnal forest. You can hear the distant voice of Anthony Perrin, the best friend of German BMX star Bruno Hoffmann. Where did the French disappear to? Bruno Hoffmann launches a search and finds a hint at Berlin’s Teufelsberg (“Devil’s Mountain”). Following the track on his BMX in the dark, he has to overcome several obstacles in order to reach the next level with his tricks, just as in a video game. It turns out that Anthony Perrin is caught in a dark parallel universe. “Bruno Hoffmann’s Devil’s Voice” is a unique clip showing a new side of BMX and creating Halloween atmosphere already now! For further information, head to: www.redbull.com/devilsvoice.

Bruno Hoffmann was inspired by a mystery series: „I have watched „Stranger Things“ and when we were at the Teufelsberg first time, I really wanted to do something similar.“ A scary forest, waft of mist, and a mystic structure behind a high fence: the atmosphere of “Bruno Hoffmann’s Devil’s Voice“ reminisces popular science fiction and mystery series such as “Stranger Things”. Teufelsberg in the west of Berlin is the setting for this Halloween shocker that displays the skills of Germany’s best Street BMX rider Bruno Hoffmann in an unusual way. During the Cold War, the U.S. built a monitoring station on this mountain of rubble. Today, international street artists use the place to show their work. A bizarre location that is just perfect for “Bruno Hoffmann’s Devil’s Voice”!

Countless graffiti and installations make Teufelsberg an inspiring but mystical place. It’s an ideal playground for stand-out BMX rider Bruno Hoffmann, who won the silver medal at X Games Barcelona in 2013. His BMX and Red Bull mate Anthony Perrin, an elite BMX rider from France, played the role of Bruno’s lost friend in “Devil’s Voice“.

For Bruno Hoffmann, who has been focusing on film projects for years, the production of “Devil’s Voice” was a completely new experience. “I usually concentrate on my tricks and my riding when shooting. But we had an additional level here: the scenery and history of Teufelsberg. I liked the spooky atmosphere, the fog, the forest,” Bruno Hoffmann raved about the shooting.


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