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Did Imran Khan steal a photographers work?

Recently our Prime Minister, Imran Khan took over twitter by highlighting his most favourite place on Earth with a few pictures of Gilgit Baltistan. Imran Khan as a leader has promoted many things in Pakistan apart from it’s tourism and social media, he also promoted a few of the Turkish shows by saying out in public that Ertugrul was his favourite show.

He, while telling his favourite place showcased the natural beauty of Pakistan, he posted around 4 pictures of the northern side and captioned it as “The colours of Gilgit Baltistan just before the onset of winter. One of my favourite places on this earth.”  


Dearest Prime Minister, are you scuffling on being called out by a photographer for stealing his pictures

and removing his watermark?

In his tweet, the photographer named Asmar politely thanked our Prime Minister, Imran Khan. He further on said that he would have liked it if PM would not have removed the watermark by cropping his pictures and would have given him the credits instead. Pooja, what is this behaviour? 

 We really don’t want to go back to golden old days of university and remember how Plagiarism above 19% would result in an F grade but looks like this man came up with a valid point. Don’t you think whoever the photographer was, Imran Khan should have given the credits to him for his hard work and appreciated the work rather than cropping? Maybe next time…he’ll be super careful!

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