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Gatherings are back and street crime too!

All these months were spent in Corona and we used to blame the lock down for all kinds of robbery or abduction for black mailing. Now on Monday, it was proved that lock down and lack of house hold income is not the reason robbery and thieves roam around but it’s because they do, and we don’t take any action to stop them.

Recently, on Monday it was reported that a family was robbed in Rawalpindi while they were on way to home from a wedding. They were all dolled up which included a mother, aunt and a wife who were loaded with gold jewellery. Yes, of course the burglars took all of that with them on gunpoint and left the family traumatised.

These 2 people who were armed and came on a bike were so dominant that they also broke the window of driving seat which also resulted the driver in a few injuries. But again, a thief with a little carelessness dropped his phone in the car as they were in a lot of hurry to run.

What is happening in this world? We just came out of lock down so isn’t it our time to get up and earn? Isn’t it our time to stand out and look after each other rather than end up hurting them more? I’m disgusted at all these incidents of robbery, mugging, snatching phones and purses, looks like they will never stop. It needs to put a full stop upon.

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