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Growing up as a sister!

The bond that never breaks and the bond that never stays but always have an extreme affection between each other and are highly protective for one another no matter what circumstances they stand in.

A sister holds many responsibilities especially if she’s an elder one which I’m glad I’m not, but having elder siblings be it any gender might sound a curse at times but trust me it’s a blessing. You have a support system and you know someone is always looking after you, taking care of your needs and all the times you need a shoulder to cry on or a hug in times of sadness and happiness, your siblings are always there for you.


A sister is your secret keeper but trust me she’s also your secret admirer alongside which she will never tell, I know you hate her because she ruins your favourite jeans and steals your most expensive bag for a night out but is she there for you at the end of the day? Do you come to her, be all cranky and nag about your day to her or not? Of course, I do and you too.


We will never compliment each other and will always pretend that my best friend is better than my own sister but in reality, your sister is your actual best friend who knows you, who understand you, tell you and guides you too. I have had super possessive and protective sisters and I hate it every time they poke their nose into everything I do. All the negatives on one side, I can still bet she’s going to wakeup at 5 in the morning if I’m hungry and make food for me, she’s going to make me the prettiest hairstyle so I out stand others.

Yes, she won’t share her white jeans with me but she will definitely make sure that I wear something better and always love me no matter what!

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