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Here’s why Pakistani celebrities are clapping their hands

The ‘Asia Pacific Transgender Network’ has begun a crusade with the hashtag #ChangeTheClap to tell everyone that there is significantly more to transgenders. They came up with this initiative of giving them an adequate and respectable life.

To make a major effect, they began off with a video which was 1:29 minutes wherein every scene, they have wonderfully portrayed the day by day life battles of a transgender. The video highlights Kami Sid, who at last, makes an everlasting impression of how the joke of whistling at transgenders needs to stop.


It’s no news that trans people need more visibility. Help them on their path and #ChangeTheClap

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Following his footsteps, we then saw many celebrities joining in and posted a similar video with a message for all.

Here are the videos posted by famous Pakistani celebrities about #ChangeTheClap:


More power to the transgender community! #ChangeTheClap #ushnashah #equality #freedom

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#ChangeTheClap to #changethemindset it’s time we stop the ridicule and mockery. #transgenderrights #munibnawaz

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