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How you can cure your common winter illnesses?

As the winter is coming and the common illnesses such as influenza, cough, and sore throat and coming along it, there are following ways in which you can cope with these illnesses.

  1. Cold/Influenza

You can avoid cold or influenza just by washing your hands regularly. Just like Covid-19, the viruses causing cold travel through contract and can be avoided by washing hands. However, if you still catch cold then take a steam with vicks added in it before it worsens anyhow.

  1. Sore Throat

Viral contaminations become the reason of sore throat mostly. You can take precautionary measures or you can use salt in mildly warm water. You can have honey mixed with water or natural herbs tea as it gives a very soothing effect to your throat and relaxes it.

  1. Asthma

Cold air can be triggering for asthma specially when the climate is changing. The person suffering from asthma complains of brevity of breath and wheezing.

  1. Painful Joints

Patients who have joints problems complain that they face stiffness and firmness in their joints while the season is changing. Regular exercise and swimming can help in avoiding pain in the joints. You can also apply different creams like move, vicks, and iodex on those certain areas for quick relief.

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