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Ideal spots to spend holidays in the north of Pakistan

Going on a vacation once in a while is important for our mental and physical health. Northern areas are the preference of families living in Pakistan to go for a vacation. We will recommend to you some ideal spots where you can spend your vacations.

1.    Nalter Valley

This valley is situated on the outskirts of Gilgit Baltistan and depicts the beauty of nature. The valley is green during the summer and the mountains get covered with snow during the winter. Families that prefer cool and quiet places should prefer visiting this valley.

2.    Siri Paye

Siri Paye is a beautiful spot near Kaghan where the top of mountains gets plain and gives a mesmerizing scene. There are several peaks near this spot that should be visited. However, if you have kids in the family then you should not choose this place as it has dangerous pavements.

3.    Neelam Valley

Neelam valley, situated in Azad Kashmir, is a famous spot for fishing and angling activities as well. The best time to visit this valley is June and July to get away from the heat of Pakistan.

You can choose any travel agency to manage and set up the plan for your tour.

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