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Imran Khan takes notice of rape cases!

Two incidents of rape have occurred during the past 48 hours. A minor girl named Marwah was raped brutally and burnt to death in Karachi. Another incident occurred at Lahore to Gujranwala motorway where a woman was gang raped in front of her two young child and looted by robbers.

Imran Khan has taken notice of the incidents and has asked the police of respective areas to provide reports. He says that the incident is disgraceful for the whole society and violates social and religious values. No doubt, any civilised culture doesn’t allow such shameful acts to occur in the society.

As reported by different sources, the woman ran out of fuel and stopped in an area under the jurisdiction of Gujjarpura Police Station. The incident took place on the motorway and the police says that nine individuals have been arrested so far who are suspects. Mussarat Cheema, provincial spokesperson, says that all forces are coordinated and allied to find the culprits.

The girl in Karachi, Mawrah, was raped and killed by a heavy stone which was struck on her head. She went to the shop to buy confectionery in the morning and was found in garbage dumb in Essa Nagri.

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