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Is Sportage getting competition? Toyota CSUV is on its way!

The SUV market is going to become very interesting this year as we have information that Toyota is launching its first Hybrid SUV in Pakistan which will be giving competition to Kia Sportage and, in the future, to Hyundai Tucson. Currently, this product is unavailable in the world. The best part? It is being launched in Pakistan this year along with being launched globally!

Where Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tuscon have a 2.0L engine, this new Hybrid SUV will have a 1.8L engine as confirmed by our source, however, since it is a Hybrid model, it will give an output of a 2.4L Capacity engine. Not only this, but the vehicle is a complete Hybrid and will also be able to run on Electric Vehicle (EV) mode. Since the new Toyota SUV is a Hybrid vehicle, it will be environmentally friendly and will benefit the consumer in terms of fuel consumption.

To explore the importance of a Hybrid vehicle, we did a comparison between a 1.8L Civic/ Grande and a 1.8L Prius. The results were surprising! By using a Hybrid vehicle, a lot of fuel can be saved and, around a total of Rupees 500,000! This means that the new Toyota CSUV will also be saving, on an average, the same amount in comparison to Sportage and Tuscon. For your understanding, refer to the table below;

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