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Khaani takes over the rating game and has broken all the records

Sana Javed and Feroze Khan’s starrer Khaani continues to break records and asserting high ratings every week leaving fans in anticipation to what will happen next.

Khaani is a chart-buster and one of the most talked about drama these days by breaching all previous records, which means one of the most successful drama crafting histories. Reaching up to 10.23 points Khaani’s last week episode hit the high spots! Despite the ban on Geo TV, it was successful in surviving and keeping public interest in the story.

“The consistent ratings of Khaani have exceeded the ratings of any other drama in the history of Pakistani dramas. We’ve seen a lot of successful dramas in the past, and we’ve actually made many of them, but I can’t recall any drama serial previously, whose teaser would be trending on number one. Khaani is one such exception, as we’ve seen its teaser and episode trending on number one (on YouTube) simultaneously. The kind of buzz Khaani has created is unparalleled in the history of television in Pakistan.”Stated Asad Qureshi Co-producer

Starting as a story that challenges controversial issues like The Power game of Mir Hadi, Politics, Discrimination and crime, Khaani’s focus gradually shifted to the complex relationship between Mir Hadi and Khaani, positioning it as a love story. Khaani has touched upon issues that are prevalent in our society and continues to affect people from all walks of life.

The makers have further stated, “Of all the drama serials that 7thSky Entertainment has produced over the years (there are more than 110 of them), Abdullah and Asad count Khaani, Shehr-e-Zaat, Daam, Doraha and Meri Zaat Zarai Benishan as the top five, with Khaani at the very top of this list.”

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Quershi credited the team behind its success and acknowledge that none other than Sana and Feroze could do justice to these protagonists. The charm of the saga is the repercussion of the fervent approach opted by the team that glued the audience to their seats every Monday and leading the prime time with top ratings.

Moreover, Asma Nabeel wrote an extremely powerful and influential story; Anjum Shahzad is a perfectionist and pays attention to minutiae. All these elements added up and contributed to the success of Khaani standing alone on “7th Sky” with around 128,781,751 views from episode 1 to 26.

Now, with just one episode left, we are eager to see how the story will be going to wrap up and whether the fans would be satisfied with Mir Hadi’s fate or not. Till then we need to hold our horses and keep our fingers crossed!

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