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This Ramazan, let’s eliminate hunger, and be empathetic to the less fortunate with Soya Supreme’s ‘Neiki Ki Recipe’!

Ramazan is a global moment for people all around the world. It marks a month of austerity for Muslims abstaining from food and water from sunrise to sunset. The idea behind the holy month is to reflect upon and showing compassion for the poor and less fortunate. Two keywords focus the thoughts of Muslims at this time of the year; fast and reflection. Let’s address the elephant in the room; due to COVID-19, Ramazan 2020 is bittersweet.

There aren’t communal gatherings in mosques, no iftar dinners with family and friends, and no stocking of Ramazan fridges, so instead of spending this Ramazan focused on big feasts and recipes, Soya Supreme encourages you to prepare a ‘Neiki’ ki recipe. The core idea behind ‘Neiki’ ki recipe is to encourage and support the philanthropists’ who have been proactive and indulged in creating such recipes.

In Ramazan 2019, Soya Supreme collaborated with Khana Ghar helmed by Perveen Saeed (The Three Rupee Lady) not just to support her cause, but also to pay tribute by supporting such women. They have been serving the recipe of goodness consistently with great zeal. Soya Supreme not just sponsored Iftar for a huge number of masses, but also presented avenues to volunteers from the audience to invest and contribute their time and energy to reap Allah’s reward on earth and hereafter.

COVID-19 has brought about many changes, and the lockdown has made things extremely difficult for the Ummah. To show unity with the vulnerable, Khana Ghar is not only providing thousands of meals on daily basis but also ration bags that can be availed from their two main operating centers. Perveen Saeed’s noble cause is being backed up again by Soya Supreme in 2020 by feeding meals to thousands of people daily. The brand encourages volunteers to perform kindness in excess by stepping up and be part of team Neiki.  While also staying safe, contactless contributions can be made directly to Khana Ghar bank account. You may also contribute by using the power of social media by sharing the message of Neiki across social media platforms.


Soya Supreme had recently launched a new campaign called ‘Thora Aur Khao a few months ago. You might have come across a TV ad with a catchy jingle showing oodles of delicious food being displayed on the table and a lady offering you a dish and tempting you to have a little bit more. However in light of the situation around us where the less fortunate had been striving to have daily meals on their table, it seemed inappropriate to showcase such lavishness. Hence the brand stepped forward and showed its support with a modified version of their original campaign. Their tagline now reads ‘Thora Aur KHILAO rather than ‘Thora Aur Khao thus focusing on feeding the less fortunate rather than yourself. The brand encourages you to think about others during this crisis, and the efforts made by them are truly commendable.

Ramazan is all about experiencing the reality of the unprivileged. Initiating the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Soya Supreme carries out the same positivity spike every year and will continue to do so in the years to come. A successful brand means a greater cultural understanding be it in the month of Ramazan or otherwise. Hence Soya Supreme; one of the biggest brands in the Oil & Ghee industry of Pakistan,plays a vital role in eliminating hunger, being empathetic, and facilitating more in a meaningful manner.  

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