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Tum Se Hi Talluq Hai latest episode takes a major turn!

Is Alina on a crossroad?

Tum Se Hi Talluq Hai is an emotionally gripping drama revolving around the maternal cousins Sadaan and Alina, who were married but later separated due to Sadaan’s interest in his colleague Rama. This is a production by 7th Sky Entertainment and is guaranteed to keep viewers glued to the screen in anticipation of a strong storyline masterfully executed by the lead players. Sadaan is played by Syed Jibran, Alina is portrayed by Tooba Siddiqui while Faryal Mehmood convinces as Rama.

As a continuation of the previous episode, Rama convinces Sadaan of the dishonesty of their family man servant, Agha Jee, by blaming him for almost stealing her jewelry. When Sadaan wants to confront him, showing disbelief at such an event, Rama coerces him into letting the matter slide away.

Meanwhile, Nakheel’s (Alina’s cousin, with whose family she has found shelter) wife, Naina, passes away. Both he and his daughter are bereft and overcome with grief. Alina proves to be a pillar of support for the aggrieved and upset daughter who insists on joining her mother. Alina is patient with her outbursts and tries to console her through both logic and support. The girl, Ayman, agrees to live her life according to her late mother’s wishes and begins to lean on Alina for further guidance and support.

Alina herself has one of her daughters with her while the younger one, who is still at Sadaan’s house, is ill-treated by Rama, who convinces in her stereotypical role of the opportunistic second wife and evil step mother. She forbids the little girl to be seen around herself and her husband, the girl’s father, especially at meal times. The viewers’ hearts melt when they see the little girl readying herself for school in a wonderful room where her mother should have been helping her.

Irrespective of this tragic time at Nakheel’s house however, Alina realizes her sensitive position in the household since Naina passed away. She knows that people will target her as topic for gossip as she is living with a male adult who is not lawfully related to her in a socially acceptable relationship and this leaves her situation in the house open for interpretation. She also overhears the servants gossiping over this matter and this further strengthens her resolve to move out of the house. She has already met with and spoken to a friend whose house is offered to her to live in while she decides what to do further. In the background, there is the realization (from the previous episode) that Naina asked her husband and Alina to get married after her death, offering a plausible solution by providing for a partner for each of the grownups and parents for the children- her own daughter as well as Alina’s daughters. The final scene shows Nakheel reiterating this wish from his own perspective when he drops Alina off to her friend’s house. We will have to wait for the next few episodes to see what road Alina decides to take, having already been in a vulnerable position with her husband.


By Sumera Shahid

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