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Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai: Episode 8 Review

Another thrilling episode of “Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai” astonished the viewers once again last night. With an amazing star cast, exceptional playwright, and an outstanding production team, the absorbing plot of the drama keeps the audience glued. The heart-rending characters of Nimra and Sidra evoke the emotions out of every viewer, which is a definite win for the serial. The story revolves around Sadan, Alina and Rama, where Sadan got married to Alina forcefully by his mother but after she dies, he deliberately throws Alina out of his life, keeping her apart from her daughters.

In the opening scene, a roller coaster ride of emotions unfolds with the heart broken looks on Alina’s face, as she couldn’t swallow the fact that she will have to stay away from her daughters forever. She had been tricked by the cunning Sadan, into trading her property for her daughters. However, as sly as he is, Sadan doesn´t let her be with her daughters which is killing Alina with every passing minute. Meanwhile, Sadan marries Rama the very next day he divorced Alina. How quick! But, as the proverb goes “Na ghar ka na ghaat ka,” will Sadan be able to live a peaceful life after what he has done to Alina? We´re eager to know what the drama reveals next.

Anyhow, distress hits Rama when she sees the daughters of his well off husband, in her room at her wedding night. The looks on her face and her spot on expressions; she was completely freaked out on Sadan. That´s what you get when you spoil someone´s life! She married Sadan to become a Queen but now she could definitely see her dreams falling apart. To add to her aggression, Alina visited Rama’s new home to meet her daughters.

The real emotive and touching part of the episode was when two young daughters were separated from their mother. The pleading and crying of Sidra and Nimra, brought the oceans out of every eye. The character played by Tooba Siddiqui (Alina), the desperate mother, forbidden to meet her daughters, makes this serial more stirring. What good is a mother without her children? While trying to get her daughters’ custody, she hires a lawyer and notifies Sadan. A man like Sadan would never let go of his ego! Will Alina be able to get her daughters back? And what about Sadan´s new relation, will it be strong or reliable? Well, our fingers are crossed. The curiosity is building up as we simply can´t wait for 6 long days to watch the next episode. *sigh*

By Asbah Umais

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