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Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai – The story takes a major twist!

7th Sky Entertainment has brought us another wonderful drama series Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai, directed by the very talented director Shakeel Khan and produced by the famous duo Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani. The masterpiece is written by the ace writer Wasi Shah.

The story of the drama revolves around Sadaan (Syed Jibran) and Alina (Tooba Siddiqui), who are married but have an unhappy forced relationship that is highly affecting their two daughters. Sadaan loves his office colleague Rama (Faryal Mehmood) unaware about Rama’s ulterior motives, as she hails from a poor background and is only interested in Sadaan’s money. Sadaan desires to leave his wife and two children for Rama but is adhered by the will of his mother who named all her property to Alina and two daughters, and makes it part of her will to hold her son into marriage.

Out of his rage, Sadaan throws Alina out of the house, keeps his daughters and makes Rama part of his home and his life. Alina leaves Sadaan’s house with her cousin Nakheel (Ali Abbas) and his wife but her heart yearns for her daughters, Nimra and Sidra, who Sadaan had stopped from going with their mother.

Story takes a twist when Nakheel’s wife (Naina) is diagnosed with cancer and it seems from her condition that her ailment has advanced to last stages.

The latest episode of Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai reveals that Sadaan meets Alina and makes a deal to keep one daughter with each parent, Sidra with Sadaan and Nimra with Alina. Whilst Alina is not convinced for Sadaan to keep Sidra with him, she wants custody of both daughters with her, but Sadaan leaves no choice with her and threatens her that if she goes to the court, she might lose custody of Nimra as well. Both Nimra and Sidra long for each other and want to remain with Alina, but Alina is helpless to fulfil their wish.

Naina has left with very few days of her life and she wants Nakheel to get married to Alina while she’s alive. Both Alina and Nakheel respect each other and don’t agree to fulfil Naina’s wish.

Alina calls Sadaan to let her meet Sidra, Rama picks her husband’s phone and gets mad upon hearing her voice. Later, she threatens Alina not to call or text Sadaan else she would make her daughter’s life miserable.

The story is progressing on fast pace and has managed to keep the audience engaged with its mixture of emotions and suspense. The top notch direction and perfect acting skills with a convincing story is what this drama comprises of. Praise to the duo Syed Jibran and Faryal Mehmood for playing the negative roles so flawlessly that everyone instantly feels hate for them.

Will Alina & Nakheel get married or will Rama take over the household making the life of his step-children miserable, watch the drama to know more.

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