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madinay wala jahaaz

This upcoming short film has a great message and we can’t wait to watch it

There was a time when Pakistani movies were a joke to youngsters. The usual ‘gandasa’ and ‘gannay ki khaith’ with same ‘dishoom dishoom’ and haute pink blood was literally a shame for most of us and watching a Pakistani was more like discussing a taboo topic. But thank God, the ritual changed and filmmakers started experimenting on different topics and brought heavy equipment in order to change the air of our film industry.

Since the ‘revival’ of cinema started with few good Pakistani movies, people started going to cinemas and enjoyed watching the movies with their families. Young blood chose to study in film schools and later on joined good production houses and twisted the whole idea of filmmaking in Pakistan.

Just recently, I came across a trailer of a short film and by the looks of it, it doesn’t look like a short film made by a bunch of students. The camera, lighting, acting and scripts seems to be so professional that it made me wonder, if without any financial support or sponsors they can execute such a brilliant work then imagine with proper gadgets and money how far they can take it.

The OST called ‘Agar Magar’ sung by Saad Hayat, made me even more curious to know more about this film. The screenplay is by Asghar Ali Ghanchi and Khair Muhammad. The movie Madinay Wala Jahaaz seems to be a simple film with a strong message and is going to be out on December 10th for public screening.

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