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WB by Hemani’s Immunitea

Hemani is among the few brands to introduce such an effective relief tea to help patients in their fight against the deadly virus that has plagued the entire planet right now, by strengthening their immune systems.

According to the brand, this is the healthiest beverage to consume right now to toughen up your immune system against this infection. Whether you are COVID positive or not this formula has numerous benefits for the human body and the immune system. However, this is not a cure to the virus but merely a tool to help boost your immune system and make our bodies stronger.

Fakhr Alam, in an Instagram live session, spoke about this tea and stated that although like most tea blends, WB by Hemani Immunitea has a slightly bitter taste; it goes really well with a couple dabs of honey as a sweetener that is healthy and delicious. Use of Immunitea for at least a week will help you feel energized and revitalized.

Nida Yasir, Shafaat were among the many celebrities who took to Twitter to thank WB by Hemani for helping them combat the virus effectively. Although celebrities like Fakhr-e-Alam and Nabeel did not contract the virus but used Immunitea to boost their immune system so as to prevent themselves from contracting it. They have all tried and approved the benefits of Immunitea towards improving the immune systems so as to better combat illnesses.


“Trusting only @WBStores by #Hemani these days, especially their Immunitea,” said Iqrar ul Hassan in a recent tweet, encouraging people to opt for this product.

This formula for Immunitea has been created after curating exotic and rare herbs from all over the world and was created a few months ago by the world renowned herbalist, Mr. Mustafa Hemani, who first tried the product on himself and his family when he contracted the virus. After realizing the amazing effects of the product, he donated it to many NGOs working to help treat COVID19 patients and sent packages of Immunitea to many political figures and celebrities who caught the virus, to help them fight for their health.


Due to the amount of extensive research and development that has gone into the process of production and the rare and exotic herbs that have specifically been curated to create this uniquely beneficial tea, this product is most appropriately priced in comparison with other products that are close to quality of Immunitea.

As far as the authenticity of the product goes Hemani is a purely Pakistan based company with all its products being produced locally and exported to severalcountries all over the world, including UAE. With its strict laws regarding consumer products and their contents, it’s safe to say that WB by Hemani Immunitea is safe to consume and purely herbal. To get your hands on this amazing product visit the link below and order now!


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