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We are all Dalmatians!

Happiness without Happy in it. Perfect family with no smiles around it. Loving couple with no children to make them cry out giggling. We are all Dalmatians!

Did you get it? Does that mean we are dogs because Dalmatians is a dog breed? Does that mean we have dual personalities? Where do you think I have my fingers pointed at? Us, definitely!


Look at this gorgeous cute puppy, yet with spots? By being Dalmatians, it does not mean that we have dual personalities rather how we get away with black spots. How do we absorb the fact that we are all flawed, yet beautiful? We all have one thing or the other which maybe we aren’t able to see ourselves but a third eye can tell. Maybe there’s something which a third eye can’t see but we know we have it and we embrace it proudly. There are a few flaws which can be hidden from the world but not neglected from within, there are a few flaws which can be proudly embraced and you do you all over again! And I tell you, that’s a win!’



I can’t push you to the ground to own up to your flaws but I can definitely slide you through them. This world was meant to be flawed and so it is. A beautiful lady with scars and acne over her face yet perfection, those emerald green eyes and the loving personality she possesses. You can see a guy passing by who is as perfect as a Greek God and you think its love at first sight until you find out he’s homosexual or upright gay. A lady having a relationship with a young man going as serious as God yet she’s 50 years old. How about you see a wrinkled old man alone, with lots of money and good business. What will he do with it? Where will he take all that wealth at? A fashion designer, making everyone look flawless and creates the best designs but no sense of humor to dress himself, there’s that. He’s flawed too. You’re all packed, having the time of your life enjoying vacations alongside all the luxuries yet no peace at all. A person can be as famous as Bill Gates, all surrounded around celebs and glam yet have no real friends and ends up lonely.


We live in a world where we can never be happy, we can never be enough and we are never satisfied with what we have. Why is it so difficult to accept ourselves as we come? Why is it so difficult to stay happy with what we have?

We are generation Z, in this era we prefer Tiktokers over Youtubers, we moved onto Instagram because we’re too cool and old for Facebook. We like to tweet about our day rather than ringing to our friends and tell them about our day. This paradigm shift took away happiness, taught us how difficult loving our self is yet so important? We can never be happy with anything, we as humans will never stop wanting more, wanting better. That’s just human and it’s injected into our veins.

I’ll put a full stop to this with a very famous short story, There was once a donkey, a son and a father. Both of them sat upon it and started travelling until the public started to bash them over the poor donkey for lifting so much weight so the father got off the donkey to lessen the weight. After a while, the public started to bash the poor son sitting on the donkey while his dad is on feet. So finally, the son also got off the donkey because of the public judging them both and started to walk alongside the donkey. It was only a while that everyone saw them and started laughing calling them stupid for not using the donkey as a transport but rather walking next to it. What is this society? Why are we like this? When will we ever be happy and when will we ever be satisfied with what we have or what we do? Why do we point at flaws of others and forget to see our own? Why can’t we just embrace ourselves and keep our nose in our masks!? We are all Dalmatians, it’s time we accept it and start doing us!

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