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The 6 best things about being Short….

Most of you have always been known as “the short girl.” Currently standing at 4’9’’, you know you will never grow to more than 5 feet, and that should be more than OK to you. And I am sure you must have heard all the short jokes the universe has to offer, but little do they know the perks of being a shortie and that are:

1) You can wear high heels and still not tower over people.

2) You get to ignore ‘CAUTION: low ceiling signs.

3) You have less leg to shave.

4) You gain upper-body strength from climbing literally everything.

5) There is no blanket thats too short for you.

 6) You can fit over a month’s worth of outfits in one laundry load.

Being a short one is actually cute, Everyone will think you are 17 even when you are 35. Shortness = perpetual youth, and the best part you were probably in the front row of your class photo in school. In the front you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
But just in case you need to counter go like “Kylie Minogue is 5”2 too!” eee..

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