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10 conversations you absolutely HATE having with your Desi relatives

People all around the world, especially Pakistanis are blessed with Desi relatives which we don’t want to meet because the bundle of questions they have for you is just so annoying that you’re fed up answering them. And if by chance you attend any family gathering you almost start counting hours when the entire gathering will be over and that particular annoying relative will leave. Here are 10 annoying questions your aunties ask which you can definitely relate to.

1. Their demand of seeing grand kids on first anniversary

2. Their comments on my choice of clothes


3. When they ask you “Boyfriend hai?”

4. Getting worried about my weight

5. My eating habit

6. What I’m doing with my career

7. Recalling something embarrassing I did as a baby

8. The “do you remember who this relative is?” game

9. When they see my Facebook Dp without dupatta


10. The one thing they can’t stop asking is “Shaadi kab kar rahi ho?”


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