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10 signs you are a true Taurean
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10 signs you are a true Taurean


Here are the 10 things that every person with this sign should know, because this is what makes them a true a true Taurean:

1. You’re hard working person. You’re known to be extremely goal-oriented.

2. You tend to get very territorial about people and things. You care deeply about your relationships.

3. You are not above getting jealous easily, but are rather good at hiding it.

4. You’re accepting of others and hence you find that people always want to be your friends.

5. You’re fiercely independent.

6. You can get a tad bit dramatic over little non-issues every now and then.

7. You’re known to hold grudges, so your friends know not to upset you.

8. You’re most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn & Pisces.

9. You’re least compatible with Leo & Aquarius.

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