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24 people busted for defying lockdown in Karachi

Police have taken into custody 90 people for violating the lockdown on Monday. Cases were registered against 24 people for coming out of their homes for “no valid reasons”.

Many people, however, have claimed that they left their houses for some purpose but the policemen didn’t listen to them.
“I had left my house to get a medicine from a store near my house,” a man told a media channel. “The police arrested me before I could even go to the store.” The man has been taken into custody by the Paposh Nagar police.

A married couple, who live in DHA, said that the Darakhshan police arrested their driver who was going to drop groceries at their other domestic helper’s house. “The police aren’t listening to doing anything to help him,” the woman added.
The Sindh government has imposed a lockdown across the province in an attempt to stem the spread of coronavirus.

All offices, gathering places, public transport and bus stands would remain closed for 15 days.

Police have also blocked main thoroughfares of the city by placing barricades.

In Malir, 139 were detained by the police for violating the lockdown. They were let go after four hours.

Police have appealed the public to stay in their homes unless it’s necessary to stop the spread of the pandemic.

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