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5 reasons why Ehsaas Ramzan is the most watched live transmission this month

Geo TV has attracted Pakistanis all over the world with their pious and devotional transmission Ehsaas Ramazan throughout the month of Ramzan. It has been the most watched transmission and this I can say with certainty because everyone is talking about it within my own friends and family circles, as well as on social media.

So what has made Ehsaas Ramazan the most watched show? Let’s dig into the reasons.

1. Our favorite and very famous celebrity appearances in the transmission

We all have the tendency to be inspired by celebrities. Whatever they do, what their points of view are, their insights into regular life problems – we are always much more interested in what they say and that is the power of fame. Geo TV has given them the opportunity to reach out to people and share their views about how important is empathy for them.

Madiha Imam, best known for Mera Rab Waris, Sumbul Iqbal, Yumna Zaidi, Yasir Nawaz, Neelum Muneer, Rambo, Sahiba, Muneeb Butt, Sami Khan, Junaid Khan and many more have appeared on the transmission.

2. The OST Of Ehsaas Ramzan By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Gives All Sorts Of Spiritual Feelings

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan without any doubt has a very soulful voice and when he sings, he turns words into melody. Such a beautiful voice makes Ehsaas Ramzan’s OST reach our hearts. The lyrics have words full of spirituality, peace, love and a sense of being dutiful towards our Creator as well as His creations.

3. Rabia Anam is doing an outstanding job in hosting the transmission

From her style of dressing to her style of speech, everything is simply spot on and perfect. Her loving attitude towards the celebrity guests and her soft spoken nature when she interacts with the audience talks a lot about her hosting ability.

4. The transmission has a wide variety of different enjoyable segments

Directors of the transmission have outdone themselves by thinking of a creative transmission pattern that is not just enjoyable, but also makes viewers learn something new without getting bored, thanks to the variety the segments offer.

‘Bachay Mann Kay Sachay’, ‘Mera Pehla Roza’, ‘Wah Wah SubhanAllah’, ‘Rab-e-Zidni Ilma’, ‘Riyasat-e-Medina’, ‘Aalim Online’, ‘Nanhi si Khuwaish’, ‘Jazba-e-Khidmat Allah’ and ‘Makafaat’ run on our screens throughout the day bringing the essence of spirituality.

5. The entire set of the transmission is alluring to the eyes

Geo TV has made sure not to follow the trend of bulking the sets with unnecessary things that most other transmissions are following. The sets of Ehsaas Ramzan have been created to look elegant, clean and decluttered and in doing so, they have created a very calm, peaceful and alluring setup that is pleasing to the eyes.

Ehsaas Ramzan is all in all the perfect transmission gracing viewers with amazing in-depth knowledge and valuable lessons in this blessed month of Ramzan and we are surely going to miss it!

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